Farooq Bajwa – Offering Genuine Legal Advice in 10 Different Fields

No matter we are business officials or not, there emerge some circumstances, when assistance of legal advisors such as Farooq Bajwa is required. If you are a business official, then issues related to business management can arise. And, if you are an independent individual, then you might require legal guidance to solve matters related to accidents, insurance and property sale or purchase.

Farooq Bajwa

By Farooq Bajwa

If you have lately fallen in any such situation, then approaching Farooq Bajwa would prove to be a great help. Do you know why? Well, it is just because he, along with his team of experience solicitors, provides unmatched advice and guidance related to 10 different fields. Their details are as follows:

  1. Corporate – Under this section, Farooq Bajwa and his team can help you in –
  • Establishing Non-profit, Offshore or Ordinary Firms within the UK or other parts of the world around the nation.
  • Reorganizing companies, and
  • Handling share transfers, etc.
  • Resolving copyright issues
  • Claiming Design rights
  • Patents application and claims, and
  • Filling Trademark applications
  • Drafting commercial contracts or agreements, and
  • Regulatory requirements, litigation disputes (inside or outside the court), Arbitration clauses, procedures, etc.
  1. Criminal – If you are struck in some criminal issue, in which you are not faulty, but are being dragged towards the odds, then Farooq Bajwa can defend your case in different level of courts. Also, he can provide you the information related to the different charges that can be charged in context to your case. No matter how major or minor your case is, Farooq Bajwa can help you in getting through it easily.
  2. Intellectual Property – If you are a creative person and are about to publish your own creation, then consulting Farooq Bajwa and his team of solicitors can assist you in –
  1. Commercial – In this field, you get help related to –
  1. International Law – If you are new to the UK, then Farooq Bajwa’s team can assist you in both private and public international issues.


  1. Property – Property sale and purchase demands a lot of attention these days. And, if you are lately about to indulge in buying, renting or leasing a new or used property, then Farooq’s team can provide unmatched guidance related to sales, lease issues and policies. Alongside, he can also give advice on how you can negotiate termination of a premature lease.
  2. Immigration – Farooq and his team provides legal assistance on the basis of British Nationality Law. So, if you are soon to move in or out from the UK from/to other parts of the world, then Farooq’s team can let you know about the major or minor issues that can hinder your rehabilitation process.
  3. Litigation – Farooq provides assistance related to all the civil litigation ers. They also suggest that which case needs to be dragged to the courts and which can be resolved outside the courtroom.
  4. Employment – If you are being exploited by any employer of the UK, then having Farooq’s sound knowledge of Employment Rights by your side can help you in getting your rights.
  5. Defamation – If your image or market reputation has been affected by the competitors or other firms and you know that you are not guilty, then you can have Farooq Bajwa by your side to get back the lost charm.

Approaching him is quite easy. Just log on to his site or call him directly and discuss your case whenever you want!

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